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Wellington, FL – March 12, 2020 – On the second day of competition for the FEI Nations Cup™ CDIO3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm, on Thursday, March 12, at the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF), the team from the USA took the gold medal with 439.992 points. The Canadian team took silver with 436.034 points, and Denmark was awarded the bronze with 424.501 points.

The podium presentation for team medals will take place during “Friday Night Stars” on the evening of March 13. The 10th week of AGDF continues through Sunday, March 15, while the 12-week AGDF circuit concludes on March 29 at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC).

SteffenPeters.Suppenkasper.2G100361© Peters and Suppenkasper spearhead Team USA’s Nations Cup victory with a 76.085% win. ©️Susan Stickle.

All four of the victorious U.S. team members rode in the big tour division, with Steffen Peters clocking the highest score of 76.085% to top the FEI Grand Prix Special CDIO3*. He was joined by Adrienne Lyle, who scored 72.553% on Duval Partners LLC’s Harmony’s Duval. Katherine Bateson Chandler rode Alcazar to 69.723%, with Anna Marek posting 67.936%, which was the drop score.

Peters, who rode Four Winds Farm’s 18.2hh Suppenkasper, said: “It was very close overnight with Canada, just 0.1%, so Debbie [McDonald] and I talked quite a bit and I believed that going in the ring we should take the intensity from the training in the warm-up into the show arena, not an ounce more, but certainly not an ounce less.

SteffenVideoWatch Steffen Peters’ winning test in the FEI Grand Prix Special CDIO3*. Courtesy of Richard’s Equine Video.

“That was the tactic today and it worked out beautifully. ‘Mopsie’ did a very clean test, even more relaxed than any of the other tests he’s done so far. This season was extremely therapeutic for both of us, and we’re looking forward to the freestyle tomorrow,” added Peters, who has been in Wellington for most of the season and will now return to his California base.

Lyle had an improved performance with Harmony’s Duval. She noted, “When you’re riding for the team, you always want to put your best test in and this is an exciting format having it over the two days,” she said. “The first day we had some uncharacteristic communication errors, so I really wanted to come out today and put down a strong test for the team and I was happy with his effort.”

AdrienneLyle.HarmonysDuval.2G0M1132© Lyle posts valuable points with Harmony’s Duval to help her nation claim gold. ©️Susan Stickle.

Bateson Chandler also improved her score from day one, which was the team’s drop score, on her long-time partner, Jane Forbes Clark’s Alcazar.

“I haven’t had a test with as many mistakes as yesterday in quite a while, so it took me a bit by surprise,” she explained. “But it was good, because for today it put me back in a high gear again and realize that I had to push on a bit more.”

KatherineBatesonChandler.Alcazar.2G0M0974© Bateson Chandler and Alcazar help their team to gold with just under 70%. ©️Susan Stickle.

Marek was grateful for the experience of riding on a team, something she had never done before. “I wanted to go out and have a clean ride,” she said. “I was very thankful to be on the team and to get some Nations Cup team experience with awesome teammates. Today I kicked it up a notch and the whole experience has been wonderful.”

Canada’s all-female foursome also all rode in the big tour, with their top scorer, Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu, finishing with the third-highest score of 73.489% on All In. She was flanked by Megan Lane, Lindsay Kellock, and Naima Moreira Laliberte, who this time last year was riding on her nation’s under-25 Nations Cup team.

Brittany Fraser Beaulieu said: “We all just wanted to ride a clean test, though we thought that to try to beat America we all needed to have a little bit more power than normal, which we tried to do.”

Denmark (made up of Signe Kirk Kristiansen, Agnete Kirk Thinggaard, Rikke Poulsen, and Carina Nevermann Torup) took the bronze medal despite their small tour combination of Rikke Poulsen and Furstentanz having to withdraw, leaving them with no drop score.

AnnaMarek.DeeClair.2G0M0884© Marek and Dee Clair, by Sir Sinclair, post 67.936% in the Special. ©️Susan Stickle.

Kirk Thinggard spearheaded the Danes’ efforts, finishing on the second-highest score with a valuable 74.128% on Blue Hors Zatchmo, her own 11-year-old stallion by Zack.

“I was so proud of my guy today; he was really working for me in the arena,” she enthused. “We had some ups and downs this season but today he was really doing his best for me and I felt like he was really trying. He was calm and comfortable in the arena and he hasn’t been at some of the earlier shows, so I was really happy.”

Israel fielded its first ever team of dressage riders in any competition to finish in fourth with 395.585. Team Japan was plagued by injury on the second day of action, losing two of their combinations and dropping them out of contention as they could not muster three counting scores.

In the FEI Grand Prix 16-25 CDIO-U25, presented by Diamante Farms, Benjamin Ebeling (USA) and Illuster Van De Kampert, Nuvolari Holdings LLC’s 12-year-old Spielberg gelding, led the class with 71.179%, claiming his second gold medal after helping his team, Team USA “Stars and Stripes,” to victory the previous day. Fellow American Emma Asher scooped the silver on Elegance N, an 11-year-old by Jazz. Canada’s Camille Carier Bergeron claimed the bronze medal riding Acoeur.

BenEbeling,IllusterVanDeKlampert.2G0M0790© Ebeling (USA) posts his best ever big tour score on Illuster Van De Kampert in the FEI Grand Prix U25 CDIO, riding to over 71% and the gold medal. ©️Susan Stickle.

“The win today is up there for me,” said 20-year-old Ebeling, who has been on quite a journey with Illuster Van De Kampert. “My favorite thing is riding on a team, so the win yesterday was really important, but for my self-confidence with this horse, today meant a lot.

CDIOU25GPAwards.2G0A0510© medalists Benjamin Ebeling (center, gold medal), Emma Asher (left, silver medal) and Canada’s bronze medalist, Camille Carier Bergeron. ©️Susan Stickle.

“The first two times that I did a grand prix with him, we had to retire. He’s such a hot horse and it’s taken me a while to get to know him and to understand how to control him. These last few shows have been really positive for us. I think it’s just been about getting to know my horse better and he’s trusting me more,” he added.

Emma Asher, a former showjumper who was also part of the winning Team USA “Stars and Stripes,” has been building her relationship with Seeley Equestrian Ventures’ Elegance N having previously ridden a schoolmaster. They scored 70.051% to claim the individual silver medal.

EmmaAsher.EleganceN.2G0M0528© medalists Emma Asher (USA) and Elegance N, an 11-year-old by Jazz, score over 70%. ©️Susan Stickle.

“I was surprised by the score; the judges liked it better than I did, which doesn’t happen very often,” admitted 18-year-old Asher. “But it was really exciting because we’ve had a little bit of a struggle transitioning to this horse from my previous U-25 horse, who was a schoolmaster that did everything perfectly the first time. It was great to break the 70% barrier. I’m really glad we have a class like this for upcoming professionals, so thanks to Diamante Farms for sponsoring it as it’s great to have the opportunity to ride at this level.”

The bronze medal went to Canada’s Camille Carier Bergeron who rode the 13-year-old Acoeur, by Acordelli, to 69.692%. She held off a challenge from Hope Cooper (USA) by just 0.128%.

Canada-based Carier Bergeron could hardly believe her result in her second year at the level. “This is our best score so far in an individual test and when I heard the first score I thought, ‘Oh my God, it must be a mistake or just one judge that gave me that score.’ Then the second one came out and I thought, ‘Wow, maybe it’s true,’ and then I realized it was really true when I heard the third one,” she said. “For me it was a big surprise because we just tried our best and got so much better piaffe/passage than we normally do.”

CamilleCarierBergeron.Acoeur.2G0M0763© medalist Camille Carier Bergeron, from Canada, rides Acoeur to their best yet score at the level. ©️Susan Stickle.

In a mammoth FEI Grand Prix CDI3*, presented by Peacock Ridge, that lasted nearly five hours, it was the USA’s Ashley Holzer who came out on top. She rode Diane Fellows’ Wynton gelding Mango Eastwood to 71.282% and led the class from their mid-way draw. This is the budding pair’s fourth win from their five international starts at the level.

It wasn’t until the penultimate rider of the 30 starters, Holzer’s pupil Jill Irving (CAN), that anyone else broke the 70% barrier. Irving and her own 18-year-old Degas 12 by De Niro posted a very close 71.239%, with two of the five judges having her as the winner. Alice Tarjan (USA) and her own Candescent, a 10-year-old mare by Christ who is competing in her first season at AGDF, finished third with 69.544%. This class was a qualifier for the FEI Grand Prix Special CDI3* on Saturday afternoon, in which Holzer will be hoping to catch the eye of selectors in her quest for one of the three team places on offer for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Ashley Holzer with Nate Tucker, Christof Umbach, Adequan®'s Allyn Mann, Diane Fellows of class sponsor Peacock Ridge and head of AGDF sponsorship, Cora Causemann . ©️Susan Stickle.FEI Grand Prix CDI3* victors Ashley Holzer (USA) and Mango Eastwood with her groom Nate Tucker, judge Christof Umbach, Adequan®’s Allyn Mann, Diane Fellows and AGDF’s head of sponsorship Cora Causemann. ©️Susan Stickle.

At small tour, Cesar Parra (USA) claimed victory from the 12 starters in the FEI Prix St. Georges CDI3*, presented by The Dutta Corp. He rode GK Don Cesar, a 10-year-old by Desperados, to 71.274%, a new personal best at the level. This was their second win of the 2020 AGDF. Ariana Chia (CAN) on Fiderflame finished second with 70.196%, with the USA’s Jami Kment filling third with 70.147% on Gatino Van Hof Olympia.

Cesar Parra (USA) with Allyn Mann of Adequan®, judge Jane Weatherwax and Susie Dutta of The Dutta Corporation. ©️Susan Stickle.Cesar Parra (USA) with Adequan®’s Allyn Mann, judge Jane Weatherwax and Susie Dutta of class sponsor The Dutta Corp. ©️Susan Stickle.

Week 10 of the 12-week AGDF continues on Friday with the FEI Grand Prix CDI3* in the morning, two three-star small tour classes, and the evening’s showcase class, the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm at 7 p.m. It forms part of the competitive Nations Cup contest and riders will be vying for individual medals. Week 10 runs through Sunday, March 15. AGDF 2020 runs for 12 weeks, through March 29. For more information and results, visit

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For Immediate Release
Alice Collins for Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.

Wellington, FL – March 13, 2020 – Steffen Peters (USA) conjured yet another winning performance from his blossoming partner, Suppenkasper, to claim the gold in the Nations Cup™ FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm. This takes his tally of wins to 11 from 11 starts in the 2020 Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF), held at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC). The pair scored 81.535%, their second plus-80% freestyle score of the year. The 10th week of AGDF continues through Sunday, March 15, which is also the conclusion of the 2020 season, a decision announced earlier today due to the Coronavirus.

SteffenPeters.Suppenkasper.2G100849© Peters (USA) and Suppenkasper score over 81% to command the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO3* and win the gold medal. ©️Susan Stickle.

Right behind Peters, personal bests abounded on the podium. The Dominican Republic’s Yvonne Losos de Muñiz smashed her previous best by 2% to land an emphatic 78.91% and the silver medal on her 15-year-old mare Aquamarijn, by United. Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu (CAN) also pulled off a career high, riding All In, a 15-year-old gelding by Tango to 78.72% and the bronze. The top five riders in this class all recieved at least one score of 80% from the panel of five judges.

CDIO.GPMFS.Awards.2G0A0776© medalists Yvonne Losos De Muñiz, Steffen Peters and Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu with Adequan®’s Allyn Mann, Arlene “Tuny” Page of Stillpoint Farm and judge from C, Christof Umbach. ©️Susan Stickle.

Many of the AGDF riders had planned to head to the World Cup Final in Las Vegas in April, but the show has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, along with the final two weeks of the AGDF.

Peters, who rode Four Winds Farm’s 18.2hh powerhouse Suppenkasper, by Spielberg, said: “My perception is that we had a hell of a season here preparing, and we are looking forward to future World Cups. ‘Mopsie’ is young, and he proved himself here 11 times with 11 wins. Tonight we had a small mistake in the beginning in the two tempis, but the rest of the test was really good and it excites me so much that this horse actually walks, relaxed in a freestyle, and stands still. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but for him it’s huge as he wouldn’t stand still for a long time. He’s really starting to trust me, and I’m really proud of him. He’s an amazing horse and what a lucky guy I am to get to ride a horse like him.”

Judge Christof Umbach concurred: “It was a nice class to judge and I fully agree with Steffen; his horse improved a lot. Today, one of the highlights for me was the walk and maybe he doesn’t need to hide it away in the freestyle any more. The horse was really relaxed.”

SteffenvideoWatch Steffen Peters’ winning test in the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO3* here. Courtesy of Richard’s Equine Video.

Losos De Muñiz’s Aquamarijn is another who has struggled with the halts in the ring, but much of the work was powerful and impressive.

“I’m so ecstatic at the way she has come around, and after three days to still have so much horse to be able to ride in the ring,” said Losos De Muñiz, who found the mare in Holland four years ago. “Every day she’s getting better. She still has her quirks; we don’t halt. But she still amazes me all the time. When I found her it was that power that made me think, ‘If I can control this, then wow!’. It took me three years, but it’s now amazing.”

YvonneLososdeMuniz.Aquamarijn.2G100979© Losos De Muñiz (DOM) and Aquamarijn claim the silver after a powerful performance that was rewarded with 78.91%. ©️Susan Stickle.

Canda’s Fraser Beaulieu, who rode to music by Joost Peters, said: “I had a personal goal to be on the podium, and I’m ecstatic that it happened. All In had so much energy tonight after two mega days of competition; I thought he’d be a bit more tired. This whole show season has been one of the best for me, and I’m extremely thankful for that.”

BrittanyFraserBeaulieu.AllIn.2G101039© Fraser-Beaulieu (CAN) and All In, by Tango, are rewarded with a 78.72% personal best score and the bronze medal. ©️Susan Stickle.

There may have only been one contender in the FEI Intermediate I Freestyle CDIO3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm, but it was a high quality one nonetheless, and merited the gold medal. Danish rider Carina Nevermann Torup, who works for Helgstrand Dressage, steered Jessica Howington’s nine-year-old Quaterback gelding Quinto to 72.75%. This was the pair’s third plus-70% win of the week at their first CDI show together.

CarinaNevermann.Quinto.2G0M2690© Nevermann Torup (DEN) scores 72.75% for gold at small tour on Quinto in the FEI Intermediate I Freestyle CDIO3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm. ©Susan Stickle.

In the under-25 Nations Cup division, Benjamin Ebeling (USA) fist-pumped the air at the final halt of the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIOU25, presented by Diamante Farms. He was right to celebrate: his energetic ride on Illuster Van De Kampert, which he’d finished with a piaffe fan in both directions, was rewarded with 75.13%. It was their best ever score at the level and earned the gold medal — their third of the week.

Freestyle silver went to Canada’s Camille Carier Bergeron, who moved up a place from the previous day, riding Gilles Bergeron’s 13-year-old Acordelli gelding, Acoeur. Natalie Pai (USA) scooped bronze, adding to her team silver from the opening day of week 10. All three podium finishers rode to music put together by Karen Robinson.

U25CDIOGPMFS.BenEbeling.IllusterVanDeKlampert.2G0A0630© medalists Benjamin Ebeling (center, gold medal), Camille Carier Bergeron (left, silver medal) and bronze medalist Natalie Pai. ©️Susan Stickle.

Ebeling, who was awarded a high score of 78% from the British five-star judge Isobel Wessels, said: “In my last piaffe pirouette I could tell it was a good ride. I had no mistakes and I just felt that fist pump. This is my second time riding my freestyle from Karen Robinson. The way she does it makes it easy to follow the music. This week’s been absolutely great. You can really feel that the USA comes together as a real team. Today I was so proud of my horse — it was a good way to finish.”

Ebeling had an unusual introduction to Illuster Van De Kampert. He was in a coffee shop in New York two years ago, wearing his U.S. Dressage hat, when he was approached by a lady who recognized him and told him she had a horse for him in Wellington. Later that year, finding himself horseless, he went to try the son of Spielberg.

“He was at David Marcus’ place when he was at Stillpoint Farm,” recalled Ebeling. “I loved him from the minute I sat on him and I sent dad the videos and he was head over heels for the horse. It was an amazing feeling and now we’ve made a deal with the lady I met in the coffee shop and I have the ride on him, which is unbelievable; I’m so blessed.”

BenEbeling.IllusterVanDeKlampert.2G0M2591© Ebeling (USA) scores over 75% in the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle U25 CDIO on Illuster Van De Kampert, claiming their third gold. ©️Susan Stickle.

Carier Bergeron was riding to her brand-new freestyle for the very first time and was bowled over by claiming the silver. “I can’t even believe it; it’s a dream come true,” she said. “I asked Karen Robinson if she could do the music really fast for me, and I got it at the weekend, but haven’t had a chance to ride to it. Acoeur felt so smooth in the test and everything just happened. There were no big mistakes, though the twos were a little sketchy as I got a little greedy there, but that’s all my fault. It’s the third day and it’s hard for the horses to perform three days in a row, but he gave his heart; he’s wonderful.”

Pai was riding the only mare in the class — her mother Melanie’s 12-year-old Quite Easy daughter Utopie d’Ouilly, who was found in France with help from Adrienne Lyle. The pair had a week of ups and downs, topping the intermediate II but then struggling to hold form in the grand prix.

She said: “It was an emotional rollercoaster as we started off super and then yesterday was not as good — we had zero changes — but today she came back absolutely amazingly. This was her first ever freestyle, so I’m thrilled with her. This is all very new to her still as she used to be an eventer, so she’s only been doing dressage for four years. The first time I sat on her I knew she was such an honest, smart horse and it’s all worked out.”

In the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDI3*, presented by Premier Equestrian, Sabine Schut-Kery (USA) extended her winning form, posting an unassailable 76.415% on Sanceo. It was their second win of the 2020 season after only competing at one show in 2019. Riding Alice Womble’s 14-year-old stallion by San Remo, Schut-Kery was the unanimous winner from all five judges — two of whom awarded over 77%.

GPMFS3Star.SabineSchutKery.Sanceo.2G0M2342© Grand Prix Freestyle CDI3* victors Sabine Schut-Kery (USA) and Sanceo with Adequan®’s Allyn Mann, judge Elke Ebert and representatives from class sponsor Premier Equestrian, Heidi Zorn, Mark Neihart, Tiffany Judge and Tony Judge. ©️Susan Stickle.

Second-placed Masanao Takahashi (JPN) was riding his first ever grand prix freestyle with Rubicon Unitechno, a 17-year-old gelding by Rubin Royal that he has been competing since early 2018, having taken over the ride from Poland’s Beata Stremler. His 74.42% represented a big step forward in their scoring capabilities. The USA’s Bianca Tota finished third on Cadento V with 72.26%.

At small tour, Jami Kment (USA) topped the podium riding Gatino Van Hof Olympia in the FEI Intermediate I CDI3*, presented by the Dutta Corp, with 70.971%. This was her and her own nine-year-old Apache gelding’s first ever international win, having been knocking at the door this season. Spain’s Pablo Gomez Molina closely tailed Kment, just 0.089% adrift on Yeguada De Ymas’ Furst Fiorano Ymas, by Furst Piccolo. The USA’s Betsy Steiner filled third with 68.941% riding Swiss W.

Int1.3Star.JamieKment.GatinoVanHofOlympia.2G0A0567© Kment (USA) tops the FEI Intermediate I CDI3*, presented by The Dutta Corp riding Gatino Van Hof Olympia to 70.971%. ©️Susan Stickle.

It was Canadian rider Pia Fortmuller’s day in the 20-strong FEI Prix St. Georges CDI1* class. She rode her own nine-year-old Fürstenball mare Frieda to a 73.578% victory — the mare’s first international win outside young horse classes. The top five in the hotly-contested class all scored over 71%, with Katie Johnson (USA) filling second with 72.108% on Kylee Lourie’s 12-year-old Quaterback gelding, Quartett. Jovanna Stepan (USA) finished third with 71.519% on her own Fuerstin Romantica, an 11-year-old daughter of Fürst Romancier.

PSG1Star.PiaFortmuller.Freida.2G0M2269© Fortmuller (CAN) leads a very competitive class of 20 starters in the FEI Prix St. Georges CDI1*, with 73.578% on Frieda. ©️Susan Stickle.

AGDF’s Director of Sport, Thomas Bauer reflected on a spectacular 10 weeks of international competition, saying: “We had a fantastic season in 2020. Unfortunately it’s over on Sunday, but I still think it was absolutely a great season and we will be back in 2021 even better. I would like to thank all the people who work to make this event possible. Without that team, we can’t do anything and I am really grateful.”

Click here to watch the full press conference from the Nations Cup FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO3*. 

Week 10 of the 2020 AGDF continues on Saturday with the FEI Grand Prix Special CDI3*, presented by Peacock Ridge, which starts at 1 p.m. There is also competition in young horse ranks, as well as junior and young rider classes and the FEI Intermediate I CDI1*, presented by Adequan®. Week 10 runs up to and including Sunday, March 15, when action concludes for the season. For more information and results, visit

Place, rider, nationality, horse, horse information: judge E%, judge H%, judge C%, judge M%, judge B%, final score

FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm
E, Magnus Ringmark (SWE); H, Isobel Wessels (GBR); C, Christof Umbach (LUX); M, Stephen Clarke (GBR); B, Yuri Romanov (RUS)

1. Steffen Peters (USA) on Suppenkasper, Four Winds Farm’s 12yo KWPN gelding by Spielberg: 81.025, 83.525, 79.8, 81.325, 82, 81.535

2. Yvonne Losos de Muñiz (DOM) on Aquamarijn, her own 15yo KWPN mare by United: 77.175, 78.5, 78.375, 80.25, 80.25, 78.91

3. Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu (CAN) on All In, her own 15yo KWPN gelding by Tango: 78.9, 80, 74.8, 79.175, 80.725, 78.72

4. Adrienne Lyle (USA) on Harmony’s Duval, Duval Partners LLC’s 12yo Danish Warmblood gelding by Rousseau: 75.975, 78.2, 75.575, 79.025, 81.525, 78.06

5. Agnete Kirk Thinggaard (DEN) on Blue Hors Zatchmo, her own & Blue Hors’ 11yo Oldenburg stallion by Zack: 77.15, 80.45, 75.4, 75.9, 80.975, 77.975

6. Naima Moreira Laliberte (CAN) on Statesman, KML S.A.R.L’s 13yo Hanoverian gelding by Sandro Hit: 77.75, 78.6, 79.025, 78.25, 75.675, 77.86

7. Katherine Bateson (USA) on Alcazar, Jane Forbes Clark’s 15yo KWPN gelding by Contango: 77.775, 75.95, 75.9, 76.5, 75.2, 76.265

8. Lindsay Kellock (CAN) on Sebastien, Enterprise Farms LLC’s 14yo Rheinlander gelding by Sandro Hit: 76.675, 74.25, 77.025, 74.825, 75, 75.555

9. Megan Lane (CAN) on Zodiac MW, Deer Ridge Equestrian’s 16yo KWPN gelding by Rousseau: 73.9, 74.7, 72.25, 74.85, 74.55, 74.05

10. Anna Marek (USA) on Dee Clair, Diane Morrison’s 12yo Danish Warmblood mare by Sir Sinclair: 73.725, 71.1, 70.65, 74.575, 72.35

=11. Carlos Salguero Ocaña (ESP) on Vangens Star-Light, Mary Hankey’s 11-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding by Skovkens Rafael: 70.775, 69.875, 73.575, 72.925, 72.875, 72.005

=11. Signe Kirk Kristiansen (DEN) on Her Highness O, her own 17yo Hanoverian mare by Hohenstein: 71.225, 71.175, 72.65, 70.475, 74.5, 72.005

Photo credit: © These images may only be used in relation to this press release and with credit. 



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